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Some unconventional races Empty Some unconventional races

Post by Dafty on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:06 am

I will put more here as I think of them.


Fact File: The Purple Cloud

>It is unclear if the purple cloud is a single entity, or many entities. During it’s first contact, it variously referred to itself as “I”, “He”, “She”, and “We”. When asked how old it was, it simply said “I have always existed.”

>It hails from the very remote system of Delta Delta Ceti, a system of four worlds orbiting a completely dead black dwarf star remains mass.

>Despite being vaporous in nature, the Purple cloud is able to harden a significant fraction of its body, using this to form solid mass and do tasks.

>While conventional pure force melee against it is useless (usually), flaming attacks, very cold attacks, lasers, and magnetic push/pull attacks are able to harm it normally.

>The purple cloud is able to fire off energy from itself in damaging arcs, but this is tiring to it’s mind and “body” such as it is.

>If the purple cloud becomes mentally exhausted, it becomes reddish granulated sand for a “sleep” period, after which it resumes its vaporous state.

>While the true mechanism of the purple cloud’s communication between one piece of itself and a distant piece of itself is unknown, the theory is that a certain number of times a year, the purple cloud emits a slower than light “ping”, which contains all its thoughts memories ideas and dreams.

>Distant pieces of the cloud eventually pick this up, and that is how it keeps itself appraised of what is going on in general in the universe.

>The Purple Cloud views more conventional life forms with as little concern as you or I would show an amoeba. Nevertheless, it is a reasoning creature / race with a mind that is understandable to more conventional beings.

>The Purple Cloud does not use any specific language, it is a pure telepath communicator. Its gender, if it has one, is not clear.

>Advisory warning: Areas it settles often become devoid of any life forms of any sort. Colonies of the purple cloud have been known to wipe -all life- from planets. It is unclear whether this is a byproduct of their habitation or intentional ecocide.

>It is believed, but unconfirmed, that the purple cloud consumes, or possibly reproduces, by "inhaling" the gasses produced by rotting organic matter. This reproduction has never been observed, but it is theorized to simply be an increase in mass, and not a splitting apart into individuals.


Fact File: Xek’zydac

>A brutally amoral race, the Xek’zydac are a species that resembles a mix between a warty toad, a huge slug, and a octopoid of some sort.

>Studies of dead Xek’zydac brain matter showed that they are an essentially sociopathic race, and that this is ingrained into their DNA, and is not a product of mental illness.

>They have 8 tentacles, 4 on the left and 4 on the right.

>They have 2 large strong limbs which resemble arms, but the fingers end in large suckers.

>They have a single huge lower limb that is indistinguishable from a large tail. They move similarly to a slug.

>Finally, they have a wide, large mouth lined with very numerous very sharp but very small teeth, a large reddish tongue, and bulging toad like eyes on their heads.

>Male Xek’zydac are greenish blue. Female Xek’zydac are pink with blue rims around their eyes. They reproduce by sex between male and female, but they don’t reproduce often unless the population isn’t very big, and an internal sense slows their reproduction down when the population of them starts getting to be unsupportable.

>Xek’zydac have two large eyes which see in normal spectrum of light and see well in low-light.

>They have intentionally engineering their world so that only the most extremely brutal, savage, and intelligent survive. As a result, their world is mostly icy swamp filled with relentless animal and plant predators.

>Xek’zydac live on the moons of the outer gas giant N’dorak, in the Sha’szdag system. “Outer” means the gas giant is analogous to neptune or uranus, and is distant from its star.

>Xek’zydac take great pleasure in eating live prey, and freely consume both sapient and nonsapient species, as both extro- and endo- cannibalism are considered normal in their society. The willingness to eat anyone, even your own offspring, is considered highly esteemed.

>Xek’zydac resolve conflict by a seemingly primitive mechanism; they square up facing each other, perform a series of postures, and declare their dominance by belching loudly, and often repeatedly. Usually the one who is bigger and a better belcher intimidates the other into leaving, and actual fighting between them is rare and generally not done.

>After being born, they are housed in a sack like fold that is well concealed on their mother’s body. When they reach a certain size, they are ejected from the sack and forced out into the wilds. Parents usually never see their offspring again, and their offspring usually care nothing for parents.

>Despite their obese, slow moving nature, they consider themselves a warrior race, and often have an “after party” that involves feasting on whoever or whatever is left, with dead bodies as a side. They show no restraint towards their targets in war, and everyone they encounter is considered either an enemy combatant, or “lunch”.


Fact File: Dyurr’nn

>Previously a large empire, the Dyurr’nn survive only as relic populations, and are only found on isolated planets.

>It is believed that their empire collapsed around 300,000 to 300,000,000 years ago.

>An amphibious species, the Dyurr’nn spend most of their time completely underwater when they are on suited worlds. On the only planet living Dyurr’nn were encountered on, 95 to 98 percent of the surface was oceanic, and the only landforms that seemed to be present were atolls, sandbars, and mountainous island chains.

>Dyurr’nn resemble a portuguese man o war, but have internal organs, a thick, slimy body, and are sapient.

>Each Dyurr’nn has three rings of tentacles. The outermost set of 6 are fighting tentacles, and are nothing but stingers at the end of narrow tendrils, fit for striking, but never wielding weapons. These tendrils are slightly over 4 feet long.

>The second set of tentacles is more a set of actual tentacles, and is a set of 8 tentacles covered in suckers. These tentacles are around 3 feet long.

>The third and final set, is a set of 4 very long, thick, strong tentacles which do not have suckers or stingers, and are used for work tasks, though they are strong enough to survive being used as a weapon. These tentacles are around 6 to 7 feet long.

>They change colors to indicate moods and to communicate, and it is unclear if they have sex differentials in their biology or not.

>While moving over land, Dyurr’nn float about 5 to 7 feet off the ground, very large, ancient Dyurr’nn floating higher. It is considered rude to go about with your tentacles dragging in their society.

>The older a Dyurr’nn gets, the bigger it gets. Very ancient Dyurr’nn were as large as 8 feet across and 6 feet tall from top to bottom of its body. It is thought that growing to this size takes thousands/millions of years, and very few Dyurr’nn survive long enough to get this big.

>Hierarchy in Dyurr’nn society is determined by the presence of colorful rings on their main body, and what color these are, how many of them there are, and how they are positioned all indicate hierarchy.

>Dyurr’nn are savagely territorial, and Dyurr’nn warriors show intense, maniacal hate towards opponents, believing that they gain great glory by inflicting agonizing, truly merciless deaths.

>Dyurr’nn are technical beings who use tools and technology.

>Dyurr’nn reside on several isolated planets, but one of the few that is known for sure to have a living Dyurr’nn population is Dag-T’rong, in the Mariana system, that system’s only world, a huge mostly oceanic world orbiting a vast red star.

>Dyurr’nn are not venomous, though their stingers are very painful and may leave permanent scars.

>The extent of their life-span is not known, but is suggested to be somewhere in the range of “practically indefinite”.

>Dyurr’nn have a primitive, atrophied psychic-power direction organ that is no longer capable of using any powers, though it still provides an omni-sense ESP field. (that is, an ESP field that imitates all five  senses). Experimental procedures or treatments may be able to revitalize the organ, but what powers, if any, a revitalized organ would grant is unknown.
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Some unconventional races Empty Re: Some unconventional races

Post by Dafty on Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:54 pm

>Name: The Purple Cloud
>Fluff: The Purple cloud is a space-borne vaporous entity that resembles a vaguely roiling cloud of gas and dust, with slow but continuous whirling movement inside it. It is presaged by, and surrounded by, an extremely terrible stench that it puts off continuously, and feeds by consuming the gases dead bodies put out as they rot. This makes its 'cells' multiply, so this feeding is a form of reproduction as well, the cloud getting slowly bigger for a short time after each feeding or, if the feed source is very strong, slowly bigger during feeding. It is a psychic entity, and performs most tasks by psychic power alone, though it can solidify enough to do physical tasks.
>Color: Purplish with green streaks
>Population: 5*
>Food: 5*
>Power: 2/10*
>Approval: Unrateable, the purple cloud is a communal individual, its goals and desires are the thoughts, dreams, and ideas of its component personalities.
>Army: 1*
>War Tech:
>Domestic Tech:
>Bonus: Impossible to harm with traditional melee.
>Detractor: If the cloud is spread out, tasks slow down unless its population score is high.

   >Name: Dyurr'nn
      >Fluff: The surviving relic of a galaxy spanning empire, the Dyurr'nn are a race of amphibious jellyfish/man o war beings, which fly slowly about when above water, and swim when in water. They have 6 stinging tendrils, 8 feeding tentacles, and 4 long work tentacles, growing slowly in size until their size reaches either a natural limit or the food supply can't grow them any bigger. They are merciless warriors, and they express no empathy or concern for most races, openly despising and committing atrocities upon those who become their enemies. They are a strict caste society, and if they have gender biology, it is not obvious to a non-dyurr'nn. They have a psychic direction organ, but it has long atrophied, and needs to be revitalized before one can use any actual powers beyond an ESP field that imitates all 5 classic senses continuously.
      >Color: Blue with reddish streaks
      >Population: 21*
      >Food: 22*
      >Power: 4/10*
      >Approval: 39%
      >Army: 15*
      >Constructions: Construction Depot [+5 to build buildings], Vehicle Factory [all vehicle construction goes faster], Mathnasium [+10 to complex computer algorithms and precise engineering, other science tasks] Frontier Fortress, Missile silo (reinforced), Advanced Hydro-electric generators (+2 power), Radar-Dish-Telescope, Psychic Clinic (+5 to research new psychic abilities) Atom Smasher +15 to use, Second City (reinforced iron), Underwater Kush farms, Rocket Factory
      >Resources: Iron (9), Downy fur (large amt), Ivory (small amt) 7 tin, 12 aluminium, 5 copper, 4 Luxemborgium, 10 gold, 15 Silver, 10 aristotilium, 1 Schopenhaurium, 35 Aluminum, 9 Lasertonium
      >War Tech: Harpoon gun, Advanced Rocketry, (+15 to creating rockets), High-speed Telekinesis (military)
      >Science: Advanced Radar Tech, Advanced Remote Controls, Particle Physics, Science Glue
      >Domestic Tech: Hunting Spears, Mining drones, Telekinesis (everyone), Psychic Potential (everyone)
      >Items: coke and mentos rocket
      >Bonus: Hate - approval rises constantly during war.
      >Detractor: Lungfish - need water to live.
      ~185 iron, ~50 Copper, ~90 Tin, ~350 Aluminum, 75 Gold and ~ Silver, ~20 Lasertonium, and ~40 Cobalt, ~20 Schopenhaurium, ~20 Orstedium, ~15 Luxembourgium, and ~10 Aristotilium.
      Radar dish telescope grants a free action per turn.

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Some unconventional races Empty Re: Some unconventional races

Post by Dafty on Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:41 pm

For earthguy's game

The purple cloud
>Location+Name of capital:
Center of the North-western area, "Center of the cloud"

>Fluff: A "race" as it were of unbodied beings, the purple cloud resembles, you guessed it, a light purple fog bank. It is a communal individual, the entire population of its race existing in a single body, it communicates through telepathy, and it may either direct energy or harden its body to perform tasks, though either of these is as tiring as normal labor would be for a bodied creature. It consumes the gases put off by rotting corpses, growing in mass and volume when it does. Finally, it isn't so powerful that it can simply "powers" any task, it still needs material tools, and builds buildings and machines like a normal race would.

*>Population: 2
*>Food: 5
*>Happiness: 10
*>Defense: 1
*>Attack: 0
*>Military units: 0
>Constructions: Shrine, Pyramid 2/4
>Magic: Telepathy, Anger bolt 2/6
>Non-corporeal - Formless and difficult to harm without magic or high tech.
>Ima Cloud! - +10 to expansion rolls.
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Some unconventional races Empty Re: Some unconventional races

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