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Modifiers for worlds and planes Empty Modifiers for worlds and planes

Post by Dafty on Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:54 am

Here is a set of modifiers for worlds and planes which people running games may use.

Civ flags and modifiers

Modifiers are only placed once and then not moved, and are only in effect in the specific region that they are placed in.

Flags are placed once per world and affect the whole world. There aren’t as many of them as there are Modifiers.

Modifier set
>Plentiful - food and water are abundant

>Protected - Celestials visit regularly.

>Volcanic soil - Food grows twice as fast and produces twice as much

>Mating ground - prey animals visit this area in large numbers a few times a year to mate

>Migratory paths - prey animals seasonally migrate through this area

>Golden - Gold is more common

>Silver - Silver is more common.

>Iron - Iron is more common.

>Enshrined - Holy site.

>Spawning pools - Fish and amphibians breed in water sources here. They are easier to hunt or fish.

>Natural Enclosure - Defense bonus

>Deity’s claim - Deity may appear and evict, curse, or bless a civ.

>Titan’s claim - Titan may appear and evict, cause disaster, or landscape shift the region.

>Friendly natives - Mercenaries and local guides.

>Hermit - Elite cleric present.

>Druidic Enclave - Many druids present.

>Nymph’s spring - Nymph present.

>Slyph’s mountain - Slyph present.

>Tree herders - Treants migrate through here.

>Natural wells - springs of pure, clear, potable water are found in the area.

>Tar pits - Unique resource: Tar, Asphalt, Saltpeter, Sulfur.

>Natural forge - A permanent lava flow is ideal for a lava forge.

>Magma well - A permanent magma pool is ideal for a magma forge.

>Goddesses Garden - Female deity has huge garden here and is regularly visitor.

>Giant Henge - A stonehenge like structure is found. Giant merchants and mercenaries.

>Elf circle - a circle of huge trees that have grown interlocked marks the area. Elvish merchants and mercenaries.

>Sorority of Sisterhood - Female clerics present. Nunnery here.

>Native brotherhood - Male clerics present. Monastery here.

>Ancient protection - Level 85 spell of protection cast over area permanently. Rare.

>Heartland - Significant bonus to actions done here. Always the starting point of a civ.

>Friendly Merfolk - Merfolk native fishers and merchants.

>Primordian - Deities built a surviving structure here.

>Geysers - Unique resources: Mineral waters, Deep earth gasses, Rare earths.

>Aurora - Area bathed in dim light at night.

>Antiquities - Structures from a past era of your civ survive here.

>Secluded - All visitors twice as uncommon.

>Horrible - Slow continuous decrease in morale and sanity for all non-undead non-demon races.

>Sinister - Depression, psychosis, sluggishness, and suicide more common for all non-undead non-demon races.

>Empty - food is hard to come by.

>Infested - insect civ already ate 50 to 75% of all resources in the region.

>Lich’s tomb - Lich buys and sells alchemy and magic items, will join undead civ.

>Hidden repository - Gain 1-3 random cultural, technical, and magical advancements one time when a place with this on it is found.

>Fossilized - Food and water production zero, animal pop zero, unique resources: fossil, petrified wood, bone dust, deep earth gases.

>Desolated - Food, water, animal, plant population cut by 50 to 75%

>Hostile flora - Plants (all plants) attack intruders.

>Oppressive - Homicide is more common, alignment change to evil, despair, and deformities are all more common.

>Haunted - Undead wander the area freely at night.

>Malarial - Insects in the region carry an illness resembling malaria.

>Boneyard - Resources: Bone powders, talon, tooth, claw, bone plate, bone

>Graveyard of ships - Shipwreck twice as common, treasure at bottom of the body of water this is put on.

>Mystery triangle - Ships vanish without a trace and are never heard from again.

>Holy beast - immortal divine monster present. Deities offended if its killed.

>Sulfuric - High amounts of brimstone make the whole area smell bad.

>Ash desert - The region’s ecology was wiped out by fire and has never recovered.

>Destroyed - food, water, plant, animal pop 0, resources: rare earths, vitrified glass, petrified wood, rare stone

>Natural furnace - Geysers blow streams of fire and heat instead of water and steam.

>Primal city - A stone age city is in the region. It may or may not still be inhabited.

>Lost city - A lost city is in the region. It may or may not be inhabited.

>Wind tunnel - Wind twice as strong.

>Hadean - The ground is Seabed that rose to the surface level.

>Last city - The region houses the last of your civ’s kind. Always the starting point of a civ if its used.

>Elder Race - The Elder Things, Great Race of Yith, Star-spawn of cthulhu, Deep ones or Fungi from Yuggoth inhabit the region.

>Defiler’s pyramid - A huge basalt pyramid. Knowledge resource: Defiler magic.

>Mummy’s cave - Cave housing several mummies.

>Alien monument - Aliens visited the world and left a black rectangular stone in the region.

>Mysterious lights - Will of the wisps frequent the area.

>Crash-land - A magic space ship, technical space ship, magic space station or technical space station fell from orbit and landed here.

>Slugs! - Monstrous slugs present.

>Forest of impaled - Serious demoralization. Plundering opportunity: Dead bodies.

>Shifting zone -  Structures shift between image and material regularly.

>Vampire’s abode - One or more vampires resides in the region.

>Succubus brothel - Succubi inhabit the region, demons can mate with them.

Flag set

>Icebox - The world is currently deep in an ice age.

>Mythic era - Deities are random visitors to civs regularly.

>Flooded - All water sources are 10 to 30 feet higher than the normal sea level.

>Drying - All seas are receding, and have been doing so for 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 years.

>Forge-world - Every part of the world was once mechanical, but organic life has been gaining a foothold for 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 years.

>Dying sun - The sun the world is orbiting has been dying for 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, or 7,000 years.

>Age of fire - All lava and magma sources are twice as active for twice as long.

>Dying earth - Survival tasks are twice as hard for all races. Desolated, Ash desert, and Defiled more common.

>Relic world - Megafauna and dinosaurs present.

>Benighted - The world is enclosed in semipermanent or permanent night.

>Age of the dead - one specific kind of undead has a vast, powerful empire already established in the world, spanning not more than 2 continents already.

>Falling world - Sinister, Horrible, Oppressive, Sulfurous, Haunted, Slugs, Lich Tomb, and Vampire’s Abode 15% more common.

>Blessed grounds - Adamantine is 1 to 5 percent more common in the world, penalizing demons and undead with its presence.

>Dimming world - The world is slowly floating away from its sun.

>Brightening world - The world is slowly floating towards its sun.



Effectively these are the gods meddling in affairs. Only 1 to 2 at best should be applied to a world at a time, and once they have played out, they’re done, they only happen once unless its a passive permanent effect.

Meteor - in 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, a meteor hits and kills all life.

Supervolcano - In 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, a supervolcano erupts and kills half to three quarters of the food populations of animals and plants.

Epic flood - In 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, a flood wipes out all civs.

Downgrade - Plant and animal populations recoup from harvesting 90% slower.

Upgrade - Plant and animal populations recoup from harvesting 30% faster.

Invasion - In 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, Deities and their armies invade, hostile to all non-celestial civs.

God-war - In 1000, 700, 500, or 100 turns, Deities and Titans go to war in the world.

Testing - Undead and Demons reproduction and morale raise 1 entire grade for 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, after which they return to normal.

Ragnarok - In 1000, 700, 500, or 400 turns, the final battle at the end of time occurs.

Scarcity - Plant and Animal resources are cut by 40%, alchemy and forging resources by 50%, and magical resources by 80% for 1000, 700, 500, or 100 turns after which they return to normal.

Discipline - 7 Celestials appear and blow horns one at a time at different times and places throughout the game, immediately after which max-power natural disasters occur. Once all seven have appeared and blown their horns, they’re done.

Celestial Doomsman - A judge deity pronounces sentence, banishing a non-good race from the world for 2000, 1000, 700, or 500 turns, after which they return.

Pearly gate - In 1000, 700, 500, or 300 turns, a celestial appears and blows a horn, a huge golden gateway opening. The non-evil dead are called from their tombs to enter the celestial paradise, their bodies immediately resuming full mortal life and making a journey to the gateway.
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